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The Hexagon nuts we produce, include: Hex Jam Nut, Hexagon Thin Nut, Hex Nut With Washer, Hex Flange Nut, Hex T Nut, and Serrated Hex Flange Nut. 

Products can be customize-made as long as they fall into our bespoke size ranges: 6 mm to 36 mm in body diameter and lengths from 5 mm up to 60 mm.

Hexagon Nuts

Hex Jam Nut

Hexagon Thin Nut

Hex Nut

Hex Nut With Washer

Hex Flange Nut

Hex T Nut

Hex T Nut

Hex Nut With Washer​

Custom Hex Nut

Hex Flange Nut

Custom Hex T Nut